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Our family foundation was formed in 2000 by Mr. Terry Capuano, PE. He sold his start-up manufacturing company and wanted to give back to society. He donated $300,000 to start the Capuano Foundation.

Mr. Capuano felt that our country's future depends upon our children. In a country as prosperous as ours no child should go without basic needs, medical care or psychological care. Every child should be able to live safely and securely.

Through his dedication to children's causes, he has been able to give thousands of dollars to help hundreds of children. With your help, he can continue and expand his efforts. Any amount will be welcomed.

You do not have to be a Capuano to contribute, but we think any Capuano would be proud to have their name associated with such a great foundation. Make a difference in the world and in a child's life with your contribution today. You can call and talk with Mr. Capuano directly. You can get photos of the children that you help. Unlike large anonymous organizations, you can really get to know who you are helping and where your money goes. Become part of the family.

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